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Global Culture at GATE

GATE’s Belief is to “Act locally and Think globally” - What is the Global Culture at GATE?

Nepal at its very heart is a culture that has blended in different diversification for centuries.  The Himalayas were settled by the peoples of the East and West and North and South, and has a continuous flow of International visitors to its historic monuments.    All colors, religions, and customs have always been welcome and respected.  GATE College builds on this rich cultural foundation and welcomes international lecturers, students and ideas. GATE also invited dignitaries from various high level delegates and students from Australian aboriginal communities and from Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

The Hospitality Industry is made up of all cultures in the world.  GATE seeks to simulate this reality on its own campus so its students are prepared for the many differences they will face in the guests they were provide service for, as well as, their many colleagues they will work with.

What does it mean to Act Locally?  GATE always looks for a local source for supplies. As much as possible GATE sources its food, teaching materials, equipment and hiring through local suppliers that keep income in Nepal. Also GATE students participate in local programs: in the immediate community or in surrounding Kathmandu cities or in mountain and  valley villages. GATE students organize programs that benefit the local communities they come in contact with.

What does it mean to Think Globally?  Through videos, reference materials, internships, alumni presentations, and international visitors – the management seeks to provide its students with international ideas and ways of doing things.  It encourages students to stay current with world affairs and take the opportunity to meet international visitors at the college and work at the embassies and international hotels to know the different behaviors of other cultures. 

GATE’s goal is to create a global culture on campus to challenge students of other ways of thinking as well as to value their own unique culture.  Events are created to showcase the diversity of Nepali, foods, customs and dance so students come to appreciate and skillful at presenting their own cultures to the rest of the world. 
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