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While GATE students are studious, many celebrations have found their way onto the campus.

GATE has three open spaces where tents, stages and bands can be set up.These spaces have been used for Fun Day for Children, Food Festivals, Celebrations, Graduations, Birthdays and candle light garden parties. Students even hosted Swiss National day on campus hosting 300 invitees and dignitaries.Not to mention, a brand new hall that accommodates 300 people is to be ready by December 2014.
All students participate in the creation of on Campus Entertainment.  It is a requirement.  They must create a master idea, make a project plan, and execute the event using teamwork.  This is a challenge for many students but by the time the students are in their third semester they must create the ultimate experience for their graduating seniors.  Each class seeks to surpass the previous class with new wonders. 
All batches have the opportunity to organize their own community events: these events can be an excursion outside of the valley, actives for the benefit of the communities or a movie night or a momo party or a game competition and of course dancing parties are a favorite. 
Coffee Café:  In the administration building is a café that serves the best freshly brewed coffee and our own bakery products: chocolate donuts, flaky croissants, and sometimes special Black Forest Cake.   There you can relax watching TV or chat with friends or have team meeting.
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