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Academic Facilities

Academic facilities at GATE
With a continuous dedication in search of excellence, GATE offers incomparable student experiences across a broad variety of academic environments.
Our classroom is furnished with the varieties of teaching aid suitable for various teaching methods. F&B Production practical classes take place in the main kitchen which is fully equipped and inspired by Chef Alfred Gafner and bakery kitchen for bakery items. F&B service practical take place in our two magnificent restaurants – Laluna and La Mezaluna. We have a fully equipped housekeeping mock-up room for housekeeping practical but soon our students can also learn in additional 5 guest rooms.
At GATE, students experience real life business situation as they cook and serve for real guests and participate in Out Door Catering in Embassies and 5 star hotels. They are also provided with the opportunity to organize real events and projects to develop their Event Management Skills.
Our digital library and peaceful environment around the campus is ideal for individual learning and group work. Wireless internet access on the entire campus facilitates students to for advance learning and relaxing during free time.

GATE is located in a breathtaking view and far from the noise and polution but yet with state of the art facilities where the students get incentive to learn everything in quiet and healthy environment. 

Some of our features:
  • Modern Classrooms (Swiss Standard) - below 30 per class.
  • Study corners with power plugs and Wireless Internet on premises
  • Demonstration Kitchen
  • Meeting Hall
  • Digital Library
  • State-of-the-art Computer Lab with 24-hour High speed Internet access
  • Student Lounge
  • Botanical Garden (Quite a dream place, well preserved)
  • Multimedia Room ( All modern multimedia equipments)
  • Large Parking Space (Free of cost)
  • Lobby Bar (Open to visitors)
We encourage you to visit once to see it for real!

Some of our key features:

  • National & International Recognition
  • World Famous Swiss School Affiliations
  • Credit Transfer to Partner Universities
  • Commercialised Bakery
  • Regular Visiting Faculty
  • Frequent Flying Faculty
  • Bank Financing for Deserving Students
  • On the Job Training
  • Internship in Nepal or Abroad
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