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Career Paths

What are the Career Opportunities?

The Tourism & Hospitality Industry has something for every personality.  Once you start in the industry, it has many specialties to follow. It can take a lifetime to have all the experiences that are possible in this Industry.  Introverts, extroverts find rolls in front office and back offices.  Team players and individual performers find positions in housekeeping and bar tending.  Perfectionist and generalist find roles in service and in management.  The #1 greatest opportunity in this industry is there is room for all personalities and you get to expand your own into new areas. 
The Industry is unique in that it offers you the opportunity to see how good you are.  It is not a job of a repetitive activity, or working in one department or dealing with one customer. It is not an easy industry; you are always working when the rest of the world is relaxing.  You are providing them relaxation!   
However, in spite of the glamor on the outside it is a hard working staff that makes the greatness of any property.  Excuses, fighting on site, drinking, procrastination, and tardiness are not tolerated in any workplace.  If you consider yourself lazy and think that you will survive in this industry, then don’t waste your time to consider this career.  Also having a big ego and have been spoiled at home: this is not the industry for you.  But if you think you have talent, have a charm, want to have a diverse international career where you can work your way up from the bottom, then wow!  You have found a great place to start you career.  
In Asia in particular, the Tourism & Hospitality Industry is growing.  There is more money spent on travel and social media – telling people about the great hotels and restaurants.  This brings greater competition among the properties and their best competitive feature, in addition to their facilities, is the people they hire.  The properties must hire the best possible candidates that can interact with ease to the global customer that expects high standards and solve the daily problems that occur in any property.  This requires training, discipline, and personal skills and attitudes that the new Hospitality Schools seek to provide training for.  The Hospitality College that grooms the best candidates – will be a source of employment for the great Hotel Properties in the world.
Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education (GATE) in Kathmandu is perfectly situated to be the College for the growing Asian Hospitality Boom.
Nepal has international celebrities and embassies located in Kathmandu for a long time.  The training that is possible in Kathmandu is growing and the opportunities for experience becoming more available.  In Nepal you have the opportunity to gain experience in one of the many hotels namely: Hyatt Regency, Radisson Hotel, Soaltee Crowne Plaza and some noted local brands such as Shangri~La, Yak & Yeti and Shankar Hotel just to name a few.
GATE College has been a trendsetter and the trailblazer in Nepal in terms of spreading the graduates in the international experiences in some of the following Hotel Properties.
  • Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotels
  • The Ritz Carlton Hotels
  • Anantara Hotel Groups
  • Jumeirah Groups
  • Holiday Inn Hotels
  • Accor Groups
  • Hilton Groups
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Intercontinental Hotels
  • Waldorf Astoria Hotels
  • Genting Groups
And name continues…. not to mention our graduate has been sought by the Qatar Airways too.
In summary, there is a career for anyone in the Tourism and Hospitality field – you will go as far as you want to as all the opportunities are there, and the greatest thing, you are in charge of your own career.  You can go as far as you choose to go and many chose to become an entrepreneur starting up their own business, this is the beauty of hospitality career.
In terms of further study, our graduates have been provided various pathways to notable global universities in Australia, UK, USA, India and also in Nepal itself. We however always advise the customized career and study pathways to our graduates. Our professional team is always dedicated to assist all the time.
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