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  • Bakery Production
  • Monitor all food purchases, storage and provision areas.
  • Support and train staff  as  per their need
  • Monitor the supervision and evaluation of students while undergoing practical training in bakery
  • Assist with the Cost Control of  ODC / special event programs
  • Student teaching as per GATE  Academic / Vocational curriculum requirements



  • Lead students successfully into productive working methods by setting an example and utilizing all available management tools (ISO Management Policy Manuals and checklists).
  • Report to HOD F&B as and when required and attend any management meetings as required.
  • Ensure any student's issues and day to day problems, including personal problems are dealt with promptly.
  • Manage proposals and suggestions from HOD
  • Maintain high standards of personal appearance and grooming, which include wearing proper attire when working.
  • Set GATE standards and regulations to encourage safe and efficient operations.
  • Build relationships with members and staff and smooth operation.
  • Maintain critical control point (CCP).
  • Maintain properly the personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize health risks.



  • Ensure and maintain the smooth operations following safety & hygiene procedures in production.
  • Ensure the quality and quantity is maintained properly in productions - Bakery.
  • Ensure, maintain and record all the supplies - raw materials used in production.
  • Follow the safety and hazard measurements – know the procedures in the case of fire, earth quacks.
  • Control the costs of production.
  • Handle the food / bakery properly.
  • Make sure 'the danger zones / restricted areas are indicated with proper signs'.
  • Be aware of upcoming special events and ensure specific orders are available in a timely manner
  • Organize all aspects of event orders from special product orders to staffing requirements.



  • Assist team in monitoring and controlling departmental expenses including the costs of equipments and energies (Electricity, LP Gas).
  • Identify the waste management system at GATE, and update & upgrade the existing system as per needed.
  • Identify, develop, implement, and control and maintain records of logistics movement at GATE.
  • Ensure and record all the costs occurred in production.



  • All machinery and equipment must be kept in good repair.
  • Regular inspections on the conditions of equipment must be carried out and an up to date inventory list to be maintained.
  • Be aware of upcoming special events and ensure specific orders are available in a timely manner
  • Organize all aspects of event orders from equipment procurement to staffing and logistics



  • Ensure at all times, Food Hygiene and ISO standards are adhered to.
  • To conduct training and refresher classes for all bakery staff in the correct procedures.
  • To monitor daily hygiene and work practices in both service and production
  • Ensure food areas have regular pest control maintenance in conjunction with GATE Operational .Manager
  • Ensure First Aid boxes are regularly stocked.



  • Maintain ISO Standards as per GATE Policy.



  • Provide any other assistance and support as required to ensure the smooth running of the F&B Department and the GATE in general.
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