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Ms Karen White

Ms Karen White (Advisor, Canada)
Karen White, Food Hygiene Training Consultant
Ms Karen white spent her nearly 20 years at the University of Victoria, B.C. Canada, as Catering Co-ordinator, and as a Senior Supervisor in several of the 11 cafeterias, fast food outlets, restaurants and cafes on the large campus, gave her extensive institutional experience, in addition to her commercial qualifications. In the mid-1980’s she was among Canada’s first group of Senior Supervisors to be given full training in the newly developed HACCP protocols, in a program designed by B.C.’s Center for Disease Control in Vancouver, B.C. She also received extensive in-service training in staff management, leadership, interpersonal skills, client services, Workplace Hazardous Materials Safety (WHMS), and Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service. She gave on-site Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Training for the part-time university students who staffed the catering functions and cafeterias as well as Intermediate Level II Food Hygiene Training and WHMS Training for the University Food Service Department’s permanent part-time and full-time adult employees below the Chef and Sous-Chef levels.
Ms. White practiced many creative skills at the renowned Sooke Harbour House Restaurant Hotel and Oceanside Spa, on the majestic coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. She learned edible flower garnishing, other food presentation skills such as centre-piece sculpture creation, from talented young international chefs. For 5 years she served as reservations manager, supervisor in-charge of event catering, client/chef liaison and trainer for front desk and service staff. She was also the Hotel’s artist-in-residence, designing the Sooke Harbour House Logo, house wine labels and menus, and building seafood themed cut-tile mosaic pavement art for their seaside gardens pathways and entryway.
Because of her skills, qualification and endless devotion, it is now possible without leaving Nepal, to receive full training for Basic Entry Level, Advanced and Supervisory Level positions in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, up to full qualifications at internationally recognized standards as Food Hygiene Trainers and Auditors! Ms. White believes passionately that Nepal’s urgent need for Food Hygiene Trained tourism and hospitality staff gives hard-working, talented Nepali youth a “Golden Opportunity”. Ms. White works closely with GATE, Nepal’s Swiss-affiliated Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality, to design and deliver an unique “made in Nepal” multi-level Food Hygiene and Trainers’ Training curriculum, as well as Food Safety Industry Auditing guidelines and Auditing training, to meet Nepal’s rapidly growing demand for internationally recognized standards in these vital skills.
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