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Dr. Ursula Gehbauer Tichler

Dr. Ursula Gehbauer Tichler CEO, SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality
Dr Ursula Gehbauer Tichler assumed the leadership of the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in 2011. She is both CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and also responsible for the academic program as CAO (Chief Academic Officer).
Ursula Gehbauer Tichler has long-standing experience and an excellent network in the tourism industry, in the educational as well as in political sectors. Before being appointed CEO of SSTH, she was Director of Samedan's College for Higher Education in Tourism (Engadine, St. Moritz) and Municipal Councilor of the community of Madulain.
She is very committed to maintaining the competitive edge in education and tourism as well as those involved in these fields. With determination she follows the business developments of her surroundings, pursues trends and integrates these in her exchange with internal and external partners. Ursula Gehbauer Tichler continuously fosters a culture of innovation.
She studied in Zurich and Utrecht (Netherlands) and graduated with a PhD in German and English language and literature. She also completed an MBA at the University of Zurich (exchange programs at Fudan and Yale universities included) with a focus on intercultural management.
Personal Quote
" As do cultural differences enrich our travels, widen our horizons and remain in our memories, so do I support and hone the individual talents and strengths of SSTH's international students and staff to shape strong teams."
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