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Interview with Dr. Marc Clark

Dr. Marc Clark

Dr. Marc Clark is a renowned personality in both the Management and Hospitality sectors.  He is President & CEO of, publish author, international speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur. He has been associated with GEN/GATE as a Senior Advisor since 2008. He holds the hospitality designations of CHA, CHRE, CHE, and CHO. He has been lecturing worldwide for more than three decades now. He is also the author of SMART Management and The Manager’s Toolkit: 61 Building Blocks for Success. He has contributed management monograms to the various journals and magazines worldwide. He is currently working on the release of his third book.
HM’s Food & Wine is honored to present Dr. Marc Clark’s Point of View on the Human Resources and current trend of the Hospitality Industry.
Why  you chose to be an author, public speaker rather than a manager in hospitality sector?

My career path has been quite interesting over the past three decades.  I’ve held the position of assistant manager, manager, director, vice president and now president.  In all these positions I was wearing the hat of presenter, facilitator, educator, and speaker.  In each of those positions my circle of influence was dictated by my title. I realized that if I wanted to share my experiences with the masses I would have to use a venue that would allow this. Becoming an author and national and international speaker opened this door for me. I truly enjoy the hospitality industry for it has been very good to me; however the truth of the matter is that all industry segments contain the concepts of “hospitality”.

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