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The three-year program prepares you for a general management and business career in the hospitality industry. To be successful you need to be trained in all areas of management in both theory and practice. The basis of the first part of this program is oriented to hospitality operations, comprising food & beverage, cuisine, housekeeping, lodging, administration and languages. With a deep and firm foundation, you will be well prepared for on-the-job training responsibilities. An entire internship year is dedicated to practical training and development to establish you as a prominent member of the world’s largest service industry.
After internship completion, the final year of academic studies is focused on managerial subjects. In addition, the third year will be accompanied by seminars and project work, and you will write a diploma paper (Thesis). GATE-SSTH Higher Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management is equivalent to the state recognized Hotelier-Restaurateur HF diploma of the German language division, and carries a worldwide acceptance. This program offers 100% credit transfer to any Swiss School at any given semester.
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