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Australlia's Culinary Course


What is North Coast TAFE?
North Coast TAFE is part of TAFE NSW and is one of the largest regional training providers in Australia. It has over 45,000 students’ enrollment per year into nationally recognized courses and training. It’s purpose is to provide high quality, personalized vocational education and training to build prosperity, sustainability and innovation. 

What is this course called?
This course is Commercial Cookery Certificate III (SIT 30813).

Who has accredited this course?
TAFE NSW (Aus Govt approved) has accredited this course.

Who provides this course in Nepal?
GATE Vocational, a subsidiary of Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education, popularly known as GATE College, offers this course in Nepal.

For how long do I study this course? 
Normally, it is a 1 year course and can go up to 1 ½ year depending upon your pace of studies.

Who can enroll to study this course?
A student with a +2 qualification, a fresh BHM graduate aspiring to specialize in global standard culinary education, or working chefs who wish for a qualification without leaving their work (RPL—Recognition  of Prior Learning) .

What is RPL?
RPL is a mechanism where skills and experience of working chefs can be recognized for enrollment into this Commercial Cookery Certificate III course. In this arrangement, the trainees’ eligibility to enroll is ascertained and allowed for enrollment without having to leave their respective jobs.

What is fees I need to pay for this course?
The total fee for this course is NRS 350,000, payable in 3 installments.

Breakdown of Fees
1st Installment—TAFE Registration NRS 150,000
2nd Installment—Before Course Commencement NRS 100,000
3rd Installment—Before Commencement of next Semester NRS 100,000

Do I get any rebate upon lump sum full payment of fees?
Yes, upon lump sum full payment of fees we provide rebate of 5%, excluding TAFE Registration Fees.

What kind of invoice do you draw against the fees I pay?
You will receive a VAT invoice.

What after Certificate III?
You may begin to work as a chef or proceed to Certificate IV in any TAFE Institute in Australia.

What is the total duration of this course?
The total duration of this course is 1 year (three 4-month semester). You may be able to finish this course as early as 1 year and as late as 1 ½ years.

How long are the classes each day?
Students normally study 3-4 hours per day including both theory and practical, to total 878 hours to complete the course package in at least 1 complete year.    

What is the ratio of theory and practical course?
Practical and theory classes are balanced to corroborate each other.  It is up to 75% practical and 25% theory.

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