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8 REASONS why GATE is the right college

8 REASONS why GATE is the right college


To begin of your professional career!


1. OUR DRIVING Mission

Driving Mission

 Our mission statement READS: “to care for the learning and career needs of our most valuable assets (our students) while helping them realize their true potential. To create an admirable, world-class base with the help of our colleagues, educators and shareholders with special focus on respect, integrity and passion”.

This means we listen to the student needs through representation of the Student Council, closer working relationships between students and teachers, and creating opportunities for student to learn about their own unique skills and personality.

 2.  International community

International community

The Hospitality Industry is made from a global workforce.  With this as a reality, GATE continuously strives to make GATE a college attended by different nationalities.  In its 7th year of operation, this year GATE has 9 nationalities of students enrolled – students have the real experience of working across cultures in the classroom – much like what the students will do when they begin their career. Our students must value, respect and adapt to international cultures on a day-to-day basis.

3. Academic Partnership with Industry leading Hospitality Group; IHG Academy
IHG Groups Hotels and Resorts:

Through IHG Academy, IHG hotels and corporate offices collaborate with educational providers and community groups to help local people build their hospitality skills and improve their employability.

GATE College is the IHG Academy partner in Nepal for catering global education and producing industry leaders in hospitality industries.

4. Multinational/multicultural faculty

Multinationalmulticultural faculty

GATE strives to provide its students with access to International faculty.  Currently GATE has lecturers from 7 nationalities.  Most of the members of our international faculty have long-term careers as manager in the hospitality industry. They are distinguished, multi-lingual and qualified professionals who have been chosen to share their academic and industrial experience with the students. All students are known by their first name and there are many opportunities to work with the international faculty closely on projects.

5. Internship Participation

Internship participation

Internships are an integral part of our curriculum. Wide range of employers are impressed by GATE students, as they bring with them practical experience and do the job to their best ability. This fundamental attitude, to do one’s best, is nurtured on campus from day one. Our career placement team counsels and places students individually in their first internship. Internships are offered anywhere in the world ranging from airlines, hotels, resorts, cruise ship and other service sectors.

6. Because I Care @ GATE

Because I care!

With a maximum class size of 30 students, the focus on the individual has remained unchanged since GATE was founded. As global as the hospitality industry is, and as diverse as are the opportunities and cultures: we, at GATE, believe it's all about attitude and the personal approach.  Students with the wrong attitude will not last long at GATE.  There is an expected standard of dress, etiquette, personal behaviors that support the campus overall and GATE does not tolerate prima donna’s that think they do not have to work.

7. Great Location

Great Location

GATE is situated in the heart of the Northern part of Kathmandu Valley, approximately 1,000 meters from the bustling Ring Road.  Early on fruit trees, flowers, and grass were planted to create a botanical garden feel as you stroll around the campus. The campus overlooks the famous Kapan Monastery, offering peace, tranquility and a respite from the noise. Students can enjoy modern facilities, including high-speed wireless Internet, trash bins, clean toilets, and rocks to sit on and think.  The serene location is designed to nurture focus and also meet the requirements of a 21st century learning experience.

8. Continual Striving for Quality

Continual serving for quality

GATE was the first international ISO 9001:2008 certified hospitality academy in Nepal.  This occurred because of our commitment to quality. The founding members of GATE returned to Nepal after international careers and knew that for the college to be successful Quality had to be the root of all its processes and services. Thus it quickly sought out ISO standards to be applied in the College.  ISO requires yearly compliances reports and GATE is determined each year to bring more and more of is new and old activities to the standards that are required.

9. The Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) Collaboration

Swiss School collaboration

All of GATE’s Programs are articulated and accredited by the SHA. The GATE-SHA Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management is a three-year program, in which four semesters are focused to theoretical and practical learning on campus (academic semesters) and two semesters are completed on a industry exposure experience (practicum semesters) a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality establishment.

And More Reasons:

  • GATE is registered with the Government of Nepal, and is approved by the University Grant Commission and Ministry of Education, Nepal. Tribhuvan University, the largest national University in Nepal has accredited GATE’s programs and courses, and has given due equivalence to GATE’s Higher Diploma as Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management.
  • GATE was the winner of the prestigious XII World Hospitality Awards for “Best Innovative Training Programme” held in Paris, 2011.
  • Due to its excellent teamwork, well organized system and placing high priority on food hygiene in its campus training restaurant and on site bakery, GATE was awarded the  “Food Safety National Award, 2011”. Currently, GATE provides basic food hygiene training and certification endorsed by DFTQC (Department of Food Technology and Quality Control), HAN (Hotel Association of Nepal), and NTB (Nepal Tourism Board).
  • GATE is also a member of International Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE), founded in 1946. ICHRIE is the global advocate of hospitality and tourism education for schools, colleges, and universities offering programs in hotel and restaurant management, foodservice management and culinary arts.
  • Perhaps the only college that caters to the wider range of diplomatic missions in real world operation. GATE - Because I Care!
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