Jeevan Jung Rana

Mr. Jeevan Jang Rana, AIMIS is an aspiring graduate of Bachelors in Management, Peoples’ Campus, TU, Nepal; Higher Diploma in Management Information System, IMIS, UK and currently ensuing Masters Degree. Having both local and international education exposure, Mr. Rana brings with him a long and fruitful legacy of experience particularly in educational and business administration.  Since 2009, he is incessantly involved with “Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education”.  He has successfully contributed for different departments in the current organization and has also been innovative in term of systematizing and integrating useful approaches in the overall administrations of the organization. Besides, he is also equally involved in teaching-learning process in the MIS and IT related subjects to the students of different semesters.

Mr. Rana has been recently promoted as the Administration Chief and manages the HR department simultaneously. He is actively involved in upgrading the technology in GATE College. Having new software, POS system, CCTV surveillance system and setting up an entire result publication and attendance system are few of his major competencies. Mr. Rana believes in developing self and others and thinks that everyone has capacity to learn given that they are given the pace and guidance.

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