“Allow yourself to face something never done, and give yourself the chance to say: Can I do it?  It trains your brain to look for opportunity”

Khem Lakai is the founder of GATE – Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education established in 2007.  He is a powerful and straightforward thinker with a vision for change.  As the CEO, he seeks fresh perspectives to generate learning environments that prepare students for the Global Hospitality industry.  GATE won the  “Most Innovative Training Program – Paris 2011”.  He is both strategic and interpersonal, implementing new ideas that don’t always make sense to others but makes sense in a global perspective: to provide students with the pragmatic skills to make and hold a career in the demanding and changing field of Hospitality management.  He is a Certified Hospitality Educator who has had his own 20 years hospitality career in Europe, North America and Asia.

Mr. Lakai is intrinsically motivated to live his life based in abundance, gratitude and to make life better for others.  He holds a Commerce degree and a Hotel Management degree from Chur, Switzerland (SSTH – Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality).  He always seeks to discover new aspects of himself by attending global forum and putting himself in challenging situations.  He is regularly invited to speak at other academies nationally and internationally.

Through Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal growth and Crossing Cultural boarders, Khem encounters new ideas and new platforms that open up doors for the students he supports. He takes the opportunity to meet the global hospitality leaders to set the direction for the industry.  In 2013 and 2015 he participated in the “World Tourism Forum – Switzerland” as a single invitee from Nepal, and also in “World Hospitality Think Tank – Paris”.  He is putting Nepal on the Global Map for Excellence in Hospitality Training.

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