Kumar Chalise

“Learning never ends just like ocean. To learn, you bring a bowl, you collect as much water as you want and vice versa”
 Mr. Kumar Chalise has a long experience and excellent network in the hotel and restaurant sector. Before being appointed to the position of Chef at GATE, he had worked with Kantipur Hotel, Gulf Hotel, Grand Hotel, and K-Port Inn Cruises. Besides Mr. Chalise has consulted a successful Nepali venture, Jambudeep Banquet. In addition, he had worked as chef-consultant for the multi cuisine national companies: Keyman Group, BajekoSekuwa, Marco Polo Hotel, Times Square Food Court, Dubar Square Café, City Centre food court, Pujan Hotel just to name a few. He also has contributed (and contributes) recipes to national newspapers. Apart from this, he has been involved in academy sector in different capacities during his professional career with hospitality industry. As a cosmopolitan chef, he has provided various trainings in different urban as well as rural areas of Nepal. He graduated as a business management student from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

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