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- Les Brown

Why GATE ?

There are several reasons for choosing GATE College. Being a pioneer academy of hospitality and tourism education in Nepal, GATE is the trend-setter for productive education.


Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE) is one of Nepal’s leading hospitality colleges. Located in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, it is the first college in Asia to provide a Swiss degree.

GATE is also the first academy in Nepal to win an international award at the World Hospitality Award, Most innovative training program in 2011.

GATE - Because I Care !

For all your quality and globally recognized Hospitality Career.

Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE), in the collaboration with the most valued and widely accredited EHL, the best hospitality & leisure management school in the world has been delivering  World-Class education through Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management (Hon.) (BIHM) program and Australia’s most respected Culinary Certificate “Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (SIT30816)” with affiliation to TAFE NSW (RTO 90003) Australia. GATE offers many other national and international hospitality and culinary course on its main campus in Kathmandu and another partner school across the country.

The awesome factors of motivation traditionally envisioned in GATE

Some Facts

Awards and Recognition


  • I am a speaker about incentive travel and how to be successful all over the world. In October 2015 I had the pleasure speaking to students and staff at GATE. In one hour I presented information about incentive travel and how to be successful. After that we had some Q&A; and some students asked questions. After my departure from Nepal I received a request from Milan Karki if I could be his mentor. I agreed and I am already in contact with him since that time. I am mentoring about 15 students from all over the world.

    Because I present many times at hospitality universities and Future Leaders Forums, I have some experience in visiting universities and talking to students. I am impressed in what I experienced during my short visit to GATE. The quality of GATE can be seen all around the campus. I am sure that graduated students have a bright future, not only in Nepal but also in other parts of the world. My advice to all of you: keep on studying, learn another language, read about our industry, become a member of the associations SITE or MPI, find a mentor and network and have success with your future.

    I hope to come to GATE in the near future to lecture future students about incentive travel and how to be successful.

    Joost de Meyer, CIS, CITE, CMM, ACC, MCC
    Chairman & CEO
    Site’s Member of the Year 2005
    Director Site’s International Board of Directors 2007-2010
    Director Site’s Florida Chapter 2005-2014
    Site’s Master Motivator 2015
  • My visit to the GATE Academy & Culinary School and meeting the founder Khem Lakai in Kathmandu, Nepal was an eye opening and wonderful experience for me. To see the organization and high quality of hospitality learning environment you are providing was impressive. I was especially surprised, when I had the opportunity to cook with the students at the fundraising dinner for the earthquake victims and seeing the keenness and efficiency from the students. Whenever I come back to Kathmandu, I am looking forwards to do the cooking engagements with the school again. With the brand new facilities, I think there will be more opportunities to explore in the kitchen. I hope in the future, I can engage students at GATE College with my farm, Eigensinn Farm in Toronto, Canada.

    Michael Stadtländer
    Environment Activist Founder
    President - Canada Chefs Congress
    Winner of the Governor General's Award - Canada
    Date of Posting: 27 July 2016
  • Dear members of GATE College,
    Thank you so much for your warm welcome! I have had a wonderful day meeting all of you. Both the infrastructure and of the education given at GATE are exceptional and have deeply impressed me. Everybody seems dedicated to perfect the art of Hospitality by applying the highest standards of quality. I have rarely met staff and students who are so motivated. This motivation was reflected in the excellence of the food you served me for lunch – the result of your hard work. In Europe, I would have been able to get such a lunch only in the best restaurants. The principles of education applied at GATE should be a source of inspiration for the young Nepalese looking for an opportunity to succeed in their lives, and for all the young people in the world. It has been a real privilege for me to spend these days in your company and I felt very proud and honored to be your guest. I will share this wonderful experience with all my friends, and I will love to come back.

    I wish you all the best!

    Dr. Fabien Cougnon
    Cambridge - MIT, Supra-molecular Chemistry
  • Meeting Khem Lakai at this year’s World Tourism Forum in Switzerland was a real pleasure and motivated me to travel again to Nepal. My first visit in 2007 was memorable, but I did not know anybody in Kathmandu. Next time, it will be different, as I know now Khem and I look forward to work with him and his colleagues and students of GATE, and to get acquainted with Nepal. See you soon, I hope.

    Daniel Tschudy
    Lecturer, Coach and Consultant about cross culture and the global hospitality industries, Zurich / Switzerland
  • Education is a necessity and asset of life. GATE is doing a tremendous job by preparing their students for a future career in the hospitality industry.

    Martin Kromer
    Former Oenelogy Instructor at GATE College
  • The reason I love supporting GATE is that it challenges the conventional educational norms. It is not satisfied to do it like others, it is willing to try new activities that encourage individual accountability, provides leadership opportunities. It intentionally experiences where the students get their hands dirty with practical actions that can alert their perception of themselves and of the “others”. GATE students are expected to examine their self perception and cultural norms to do things differently in order to become global citizens that are change agents wherever they choose to be.

    Deborah Koehler
    Founder and Managing Director SEBO International Pvt. Ltd.
    Special Guest Lecturer on developing Soft Skills
  • The phrase ‘Special Relationship’ is often used to describe the exceptional. Having the opportunity to be associated with the GATE is truly a privilege. Its a forward thinking organization, one that possesses great vision, character, values and integrity. Under the leadership of Founder (Khem Lakai), GATE has tremendous possibilities. How far reaching, as far as the east is from the west. Also the Mission of GATE speaks volumes: “The care for the learning of our most valuable asset (our students) and to help them realize their true potential.” It is the kind of commitment that raises the standards bar within the hospitality industry. True professionals desire to be part of such leadership thinking, for it motivates and inspires greatness.

    Dr. Marc Clark
    President & CEO M. Douglas Clark & Associates/ SmartBizzOnline.com
  • It was a real pleasure when I was in Nepal to spend some time at the GATE College itself. It is a hive of activity, striving to provide world class hospitality training to a wonderfully committed group of students. The CEO’s enthusiasm and international experience is infectious and spreads across the College. From what I have witnessed the training is first class and as result, the students can expect to contribute to furthering Nepal’s reputation at home and abroad.

    Mark Davidson
    Chief Wine Maker Tamburlaine Vineyard (Australia)
  • When I visited GATE, I could feel that this is not just another college but more. Students not only learn for exams, but for life; they not only learn for exams, but for life; they not only learn how to run a hotel business, but get the true spirit of hospitality and responsibility; they not only learn to care for heir customers, but also for the society, nature and future of Nepal! What has been achieved during the first two years of GATE is highly impressive and shows what is possible with diligence, passion and a positive spirit – Yes, Nepali can!

    Sara Elmer
    Lecturer in Global History at ETH-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich Board Member of Swiss Nepali Society
  • From the very first day I met a young Nepalese man in Dubai, some 5 years ago. I advised him to serve his nation, and I foresee Nepal, one day, in our life time, as a peaceful, democratic and emerging nation and economy. You must serve this nation and consider me as your mentor-father. Khem, to the truest sense of the word, devoted his endless energy in promoting this sea of understanding and creating a new breed of managers in hospitality industry, with GATE. This is the foundation of a graceful hospitable people, I admire and I pray for GATE and for all Nepalese people, a bright future. Myheart and soul is with you for your endeavors.

    Hussain Najadi
    Founder President,Aiak Swiss Group
The BIHM Program
Vocational Training
Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management  (BIHM)-(Hon.)

Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management (Hon.) is 4 years’ program.  This program prepares students for general management and business career in the hospitality industry. In order to be successful, one needs to be trained in all areas of management in both theory and practice. The basis of the first part of this program is oriented to hospitality operations, comprising food & beverage, cuisine, housekeeping, lodging, administration, and languages. With a deep and firm foundation, you will be well prepared for on-the-job training responsibilities.

An entire internship year is dedicated to practical training and development to establish you as a prominent member of the world’s largest service industry. After internship completion, the final year of academic studies is focused on managerial subjects. In addition, the fourth year will be accompanied by seminars and project work, and you will write a dissertation. Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management (Hon.) is equivalent to any national and international Bachelors Degree program. This program offers 100% credit transfer to any Swiss School at any given semester.

KU GATE- Bachelor in Professional Hospitality (BPH)

The four-year program focuses on the integration of knowledge with professional understanding will be largely based at the workplace with three semesters in the industry devoted to developing professional skills with an emphasis on ‘real-world learning’. The scope of learning is not just limited to the classroom but is mainly focused on the industry to develop world-class hospitality professionals.
The Bachelor of Professional Hospitality comprises five academic semesters (most of these semesters learning will happen while the students are working in the industry), plus three semesters of approved internship. The program consists of over 1920 total contact hours with a total of 120 credit hours. 40% of the program’s course composition focuses on the essential knowledge and understanding whilst the remaining 60% focuses on learning by doing practical to build the essential skills and competencies to become competent hospitality professionals.

More Information about this pogram

Vocational Trainings offered by GATE

DIPLOMA IN CULINARY ARTS – designed for those students who want to pursue an exciting career in the cooking and food preparation industries.

CERTIFICATE III IN COMMERCIAL COOKERY (SIT30816) – Delivered by TAFE NSW (RTO 90003) Australia in partnership with GATE College, Kathmandu.

BAKERY COURSES – Different types of Bakery Course for short term and long term


The course is designed for all food handlers, stewarding staff, and any person involved directly with food who works in the food and food-related industries such as catering companies, food processors, restaurants, and hotels.

Bachelor Level Hospitality Degree

GATE College, Kathmandu has been offering Bachelor's degree in hospitality education with collaboration with EHL, Switzerland, and Kathmandu University Nepal. GATE is a member of the EHL certified school Network and offering BIHM degree Bachelors in Professional Hospitality from KU.

Professional and Vocational Education

GATE College, Kathmandu is the No. 1 Venue for National and international vocational as well as professional hospitality courses. We offer skill based course with affiliation with CTEVT Nepal and TAFE NSW (RTO90003), Australia.

Scholarships & Financial AID

We offer various scholarship for deserving student. Our goal is to make skilled citizen by world class training and education and make brighter and prosperous nation. If you have will and intense desire for hospitality career, we care your desire and support there.
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Homecoming Spring 2021

5:00 pm - 9:00 pmGate College

Cake Mixing 2019

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GATE Toast Master Club

12:00 am - 11:59 pmLord Buddha’s Ground

GATE's Nation Wide Outreach Centers

The Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing and holding the largest economic portfolio in the world and skill alone doesn’t make the industry what it is. Education is also the key! GATE – Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education allows students to benefit from problem-based learning (PBL), thereby enabling them to play supervisory and managerial roles from day one, fostering their professional growth with confidence and various levels of industrial exposure.

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