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Why GATE ?

There are several reason of choosing GATE. Being a pioneer academy of hospitality and tourism education in Nepal, GATE is the trend setter for productive education.


Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE) is one of Nepal’s leading hospitality colleges. Located in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, it is the first college in Asia to provide a Swiss degree. GATE is also the first academy in Nepal to win an international award at the World Hospitality Award, Most innovative training program in 2011.

GATE - Because I Care !

For all your quality and globally recognized Hospitality Career.

Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE), in affiliation with World’s most respected Swiss Hotel Association (SHA)- HotellerieSuisse has been delivering  World-Class education through Higher Diploma Degree in hotel and restaurant management and the Australia’s most respected Culinary certificate “Certificate III in Commercial cookery (SIT30816)” with affiliation to TAFE NSW (RTO 90003) Australia. GATE offers many other national and international hospitality and culinary course in its main campus in Kathmandu and other partner school across the country.

The awesome factors of motivation traditionally envisioned in GATE

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  • I am a 20 year old girl from two different worlds. My mother was born and raised in Switzerland and my father came from the hills of Darjeeling. I grew up in the chaotic city, Kathmandu with all its dust, noise and glorious charm. I always felt that I was different. In all the different schools I went to I never really fit in anywhere. I was always an outsider amongst my peers. We never had the same interests nor the same ideas about the future. I was always an avid reader, I loved helping people and getting to know what makes them happy and how I could help. Once I joined GATE college, it was as if someone opened a new book for me to devour. I found others who were as interested in others as I was. I found a career where I could meet new and interesting people and work with them. This college opened doors and gave me an opportunity to do something of value to me. It allowed me to use the skills I already possessed and refine them into gifts that would put the world in my hands. GATE made me grow as a person and made me into who I am today.

    Kim Parina Thakuri
    21st Batch
  • I, Mohammad Tariq Sherzad from Kabul Afghanistan, studying at the GATE. I had options for three different countries (Thailand, India and Nepal), and we came to Nepal as we found it interesting in terms of culture and rich in natural sources. Because of war and fear, we could not study in Kabul, Afghanistan therefore; we chose to study in the Hospitality Industry, as there is no hospitality industry in Kabul, Afghanistan like GATE college without any fear of terrorist attacks. We all were in thirst for peace. We found a peaceful and friendly environment in Nepal. GATE College has helped utilize the best of our time and know that we can achieve our objectives of our goals from GATE College. In order to promote the Hospitality industry in Afghanistan, this is a great platform to learn. We experienced cultural differences in Nepal, we saw natural resources that were amazing and people are quite good with us, everyone is very friendly.

    Mohammad Tariq
    International Student from, Afghanistan, 18th Batch
  • I am glad that I made the decision 4 years back to join this esteemed educational institute that provided a prestigious course here in our country itself. And I can proudly say that I don’t regret the decision I made. Not only quality education, GATE was an incubating platform to develop my entrepreneur skills. There is so much more you achieve when studying through GATE than just a certificate. You gain knowledge, confidence and for me the best part was finally realizing what I want to achieve with my career. Currently involved in a hospitality consulting company which provides various hospitality related consulting services like business development, organization restructuring, training, HR facilities, property management, event management, micro-management and miscellaneous services. We provide services to restaurants, hotels, resorts, recreational centers. One of our esteemed clients is Trisara. I am also the founding director of an upcoming Resort, Amusement Park and Water Park in Chitwan.

    13th Batch, 2013 – 2017
  • GATE College is more than just education. GATE provides you exposure to whole another level in regards to hospitality industry. College aims to provide an opportunity to develop oneself. It gives us the time and chance to grow new premiums, learn new abilities and meet new individuals. Particularly if it’s our first time far from home abroad, we’ll turn out to be more understanding and confident. We’ll likewise have space to frame a thought of the way we need to take after graduation. At GATE , we have the chance to expand our view points by meeting new individuals from everywhere throughout the world, confronting new difficulties and making utilization of the colossal scope of new exercises, clubs and social orders on offer.

    Emesh Acharya
    17th Batch
  • GATE is a hotelleriesussie affiliated school with well trained staffs and well equipped facilities. GATE cares about its, students and I am experiencing the best level of service and facilities at GATE, we get to learn from professionals to be professional. Intern facilities are provided in the best Hotels around the world like Spain, Dubai, China, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand and even brought in Japan for the first time in Nepal. It is the best place to enhance one’s skills. Unlike other colleges we are sent to different 5 star hotels and also in Embassies to serve the delegates. Different nationalities come to study at GATE so we get to learn about different traditions and cultures. We can organise different events and also get to praticipate if events held by college and other organisations. Come experience the best service and quality learning at GATE.

    Sameer Parajuli
    20th Batch
  • Being a “GATEIAN” not only comes with the perks of being a part of its family but also gives a boost to your career in every step of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are presently studying there to achieve the best in your life or if you are alumni like me. GATE’s presence will always be there with you like a shadow, guiding in every step that you take. My personal experience as GATEIAN has been joyous, memorable and beneficial. As the knowledge and boost in my professional skills that I gained from GATE has been very helpful in my present academic career at Pacific International Hotel Management School, New Zealand too. It has professionally groomed me to face and conquer any challenges that life has to offer. Proud to be a part of this family that has so much to offer.

    13th Batch, 2013 – 2017
  • Nepal is a beautiful country and I am having great experience at GATE College as I have found everyone friendly and cooperative. I have been a part of the GATE family in 2.5 years now and my experience has been very good so far. I feel like I am in the right place, with the right kind of people. I am from section Basel, 17th batch and I feel like I am a part of a huge family where everyone helps, cares and motivates to perform their best.

    Raquel Maria Lorenzana Hesdorf
    International Student from Denmark, 17th Batch
  • Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care. I started my hospitality career in 2013 from GATE College. To be a successful hotelier was my aim and by joining GATE my dream came true. GATE taught me what the hotel industry is, what hospitality is? Khem Sir has been my role model, without his motivation and support my dream would not have succeeded. Today I am running my own hotel, MOJO Boutique Hotel, as a Managing Director. What we see can be captured in our hand. It is a tough road, yes, it is tough but not impossible, be a rare human who lives his life with his purpose.

    13th Batch, 2013 – 2017
  • GATE gives special emphasis on providing students with practical education than just theoretical education. The teachers here are not only lecturers but our guardians. Their main concern is to give our future a better shape. Getting an international degree under peaceful natural environment with multicultural faculty and friend circle is a boon for every student.

    Sagun Pokharel
    20th Batch

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Vocational Training


Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management is 3 years’ program equivalent to BHM course by  Tribhuvan University.  This program prepares students for general management and business career in the hospitality industry. In order to be successful, one needs to be trained in all areas of management in both theory and practice. The basis of the first part of this program is oriented to hospitality operations, comprising food & beverage, cuisine, housekeeping, lodging, administration, and languages. With a deep and firm foundation, you will be well prepared for on-the-job training responsibilities.

Vocational Trainings offered by GATE

DIPLOMA IN CULINARY ARTS – designed for those students who want to pursue an exciting career in cooking and food preparation industries.

CERTIFICATE III IN COMMERCIAL COOKERY (SIT30816) – Delivered by TAFE NSW (RTO 90003) Australia in partnership with GATE College, Kathmandu.

BAKERY COURSES – Different types of Bakery Course for short term and long term



Bachelor Level Hospitality Degree

GATE College, Kathmandu has been offering BHM equivalent degree in hospitality since 14 years. This is highly esteemed, HotellerieSuisse accredited degree and recognized by TU Nepal. Get admitted and pursue the international quality and level of hospitality education.

Professional and Vocational Education

GATE College, Kathmandu is the No. 1 Venue for National and international vocational as well as professional hospitality courses. We offer skill based course with affiliation with CTEVT Nepal and TAFE NSW (RTO90003), Australia.

Scholarships & Financial AID

We offer various scholarship for deserving student. Our goal is to make skilled citizen by world class training and education and make brighter and prosperous nation. If you have will and intense desire for hospitality career, we care your desire and support there.
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The Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing and holding the largest economic portfolio in the world and skill alone doesn’t make the industry what it is. Education is also the key! GATE – Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education allows students to benefit from problem-based learning (PBL), thereby enabling them to play supervisory and managerial roles from day one, fostering their professional growth with confidence and various levels of industrial exposure.