Features and attractions of Learning in GATE

Reasons that student love to be the part of GATE family

What you get here, can't get elsewhere

  1. International awards twice by the most reputed World Hospitality Think Tank in Paris, Most Innovative Training Program (2011) and the Best Professional Success (2015)
  2. Community outreach centers in Bandipur and Pokhara. 
  3. Successfully handed over the project after completing 2 years of turning a 5 star hotel in Nepalganj into a training school (Soaltee  Hotel)
  4. Living testimony of bringing global expertise to mentor our students through various programs, and serving the diplomatic community as our testimony of excellence. 
  5. First Academy in Nepal to admit students from 19 nationalities in various programs, and successfully graduated students from Denmark, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Maldives and Japan.
  6. 96% students have accessed world class International Paid Internship 
  7. First School in Asia to be accredited by Swiss Hotel Association.
  8. First Academy in Nepal to be awarded by Australian government to deliver and Skill validation (RPL) on their National Qualification through TAFE program
  9. First Academy to represent in EUHOFA from Nepal (International Hotel School Association – Board) and successfully hosted the global Congress in Nepal (euhofa2019nepal.org). 
  10. Affiliated with World Innovation Forum as a partner organization. 
  11. First academy in Nepal to focus on competency based learning, where 60% of our course weight is practical through daily practical labs whereas International mentorship program brings the best of the world in Nepal.
  12. Strong Governance made of International board members including Industry, Academic and diplomats.
GATE is the pioneer of innovative concepts on skill based learning

GATE has the model facilities for:

Incubation Lab

Aspiring hospitality students with innovative ideas about solving the societal and economic problems are always welcome at the Incubation lab available at GATE and further ideas by connecting to the WORLD Innovation Forum.


GATE has had the privilege of welcoming students from 19 different nations who have graduated with flying colors. We pride ourselves in being diverse are always welcoming of students who are willing to adapt to the teachings and learning methodology at GATE.

International Events

Since its establishment, GATE has been exposing its students to international events such as the Good France, Sustainable Cuisine by World Famous Master Chefs, NEPSAAS and many more.

Strong Alumni Network

With more than 4000 graduates in our network, students from GATE are spread all over the world and this strong network has been a contributing factor for placement opportunities for our current graduates.

Digital Learning Platform

In this digital age, GATE has successfully implemented the learning technology which has helped students in self-directive and self-paced learning. Lobster ink & Canvas has been the effective learning modules to enhance the digital learning of the students for which students have to bring their own laptops.

Preparedness for Global Perspective

The international paid internship program by GATE has been immensely successful in training the students to become global citizens at the onset of their careers. With international paid internships, our students learn to cope with challenges, understand cultures and its diversity. 96 % students from every batch get the exposure.

International Student Exchange Program

In collaboration with FK Norway, GATE offers international student exchange programs which allows students to enhance their horizon of hospitality education and grasp knowledge of the world outside their homes.

Excellent Academic Infrastructures

  • College located in peaceful and greenery environment away from pollution
  • High end computer lab with broadband internet access.
  • Multiple kitchens and Culinary studio with modern amenities.
  • More than 5 indoor and outdoor restaurant with garden and live guest serving
  • Multiple Hot & Cold Espresso Bar/Cafeteria
  • Real Job Practice in regular international and national events in college and live restaurants.
  • Student hosted events, program and food courts for real engagement and learning.
  • Most awarded virtual platforms for learning, class delivery and Hospitality practice.

Great Location and amenities

  • Class room well equipped with A/V system and Wireless internet facility
  • Restaurants (One with A/C and satellite kitchen)
  • Real Production Facility
  • Seminar Hall with state of art A/C and A/V System
  • Placement Opportunity after Graduation
  • Accommodation facility for International Students
  • Spacious area for Parking
  • Modern spacious classrooms of Swiss Standard.GATE offers and maintains swiss standard study room having wide desk, personal carrier, ample of space, light and ventilation. Every class are equipped with centrally controlled and managed computer with high end audio and visual facilities.
  • Power plugs at each study corner with Wireless Internet facility
  • Kitchen for demonstrations.
  • Large and international standard meeting Hall.
  • Digital Library Facility.
  • State-of-the-art Computer Lab with access to 24/7 high-speed Internet access
  • Student Lounge.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Multimedia Rooms
  • Incubation Lab