Bringing Out The Talents of Your Co-Workers

To bring out the best in my co-workers, the first thought that comes to my mind is this: I would treat my co-workers with respect.   Because for me giving respect is the most important part of any interaction.  This means I will not judge them, and I will believe that they want to do their best work.  I will not show anger to them but work with them quietly so they learn the skill to do their best.  

I want the best for my co-workers. I believe all work should be treated with dignity. This means valuing  whatever job is assigned. Work is work so each person doing their best shows their dignity. 

Another thought is I want to have trust with my co-workers.  With trust, it makes it easier for me to communicate more efficiently and effectively which creates a more positive interpersonal relationship.  By treating others with respect, acknowledging their dignity and having trust, we can work together side-by-side to accomplish a better job.

Another important aspect in working together is providing positive feedback about the good things I see them do.  I have heard “what you praise gets repeated and what you criticize goes underground.

Many of us seem to think feedback is a bad thing but it can be a really good thing.  If I see my co-worker working hard, I will say so or if I see a skill they have, I will value them.  And I want the same for myself.  We all want to be seen and acknowledged for the good things we do.

Feedback is also essential when working in teams. Sometimes team members are unaware of how their negative behavior affects other people.  They think they are being cool when joking or talking badly about others not realising their bad  effect on the team. It takes courage to give corrective  feedback. We should all want to know the impact our  behavior has upon others. 

Also I want to help my co-workers to overcome their fear of confrontation and conflict. Most people have fear in the workplace about occasional difficult work or tasks. Supporting and encouraging co-workers will help them achieve their best outcome. 

I believe I can create talented coworkers so that they will feel creative, energetic, goal-oriented and be good communicators.  They will also be hard-working, helpful, honest and humble.  This mission is not easy but a better environment will be created if we all talk about it and share the same goals, otherwise their jobs can become boring and unproductive. Without good co-workers there is no joy in working nor contribution to the business. 

We must look for talent, often hidden, not only in ourselves but in others. Oftentimes we are surprised when our hidden talents are exposed.   This also  happened to me.

One day after joining GATE  the teacher noticed my voice.  So the teacher gave me an opportunity in class to read a poem.  Never having read poetry before, it came as a surprise. After reciting the poem quite well, it revealed that I had a talent in public speaking. It created future  opportunities for me to speak more. So remember, each person has a hidden talent inside themselves, if we are to be great co-workers we need to see the talents in each other and give each other an opportunity to show that talent. Through this support they can grow in their confidence.   

Hence to bring out the talents in others, I endeavor to show respect, dignity, trust, give positive feedback, help overcome fears, share goals, and try to expose to co-workers their unknown abilities. 

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