Bachelors in International Hospitality Management (BIHM)

4 Years
Program Type
On Campus+Industry
Campus Location
GATE College KTM


Bachelors in International Hospitality Management (BIHM) program in GATE is 4 years’ program.  This program prepares students for general management and business career in the hospitality industry. In order to be successful, one needs to be trained in all areas of management in both theory and practice. The basis of the first part of this program is oriented to hospitality operations, comprising food & beverage, cuisine, housekeeping, lodging, administration, and languages. With a deep and firm foundation, you will be well prepared for on-the-job training responsibilities.

An entire internship year is dedicated to practical training and development to establish you as a prominent member of the world’s largest service industry. After internship completion, the final year of academic studies is focused on managerial subjects. In addition, the fourth year will be accompanied by seminars and project work, and you will write a dissertation. This BIHM Program is equivalent to any national and international Bachelors Degree program. This program offers 100% credit transfer to any Swiss School at any given semester.

About EHL

Founded as the first hotel school in 1893 by Jacques Tschumi, then developed by the Société Suisse des Hôteliers (now hotelleriesuisse), EHL has a genuine, historical proximity to the tourism and hotel industry. This historical relationship differentiates us and strengthens our work with academic institutions and organizations regionally and worldwide. Our defining qualities of academic excellence, emotional intelligence and human strength are our unique success factors, embodied by a network of 25’000 alumni around the world.

Today, EHL maintains a very close relationship with hotelleriesuisse, as an affiliate, and hotelleriesuisse is a member of the EHL Foundation.

Our organizational status as a foundation clearly sets us apart by signifying the reinvestment of all profits to further enhance the quality of our students’ education. Our structure allows us to deploy a variety of products and offerings in both Swiss and international markets. It enables students, faculty and administrative personnel to evolve in an environment that is in line with the hospitality industry’s expectations. Most importantly, being a not-for-profit company facilitates our work in developing academic programs and resources, thereby reinforcing our status as the world’s leader in higher education in Hospitality Management.

Our continued collaboration with leading research and higher education institutions contributes to building a strong hub of expertise. EHL Advisory Services (formerly LHC), EHL Group’s consulting branch, proposes academic certifications to learning centers and offers advisory services to hospitality businesses worldwide. Finally, the power of our alumni network never relents: Our alumni are our best ambassadors and take pride in recruiting new generations of EHL graduates.

Academic Content

In various dedicated academic semesters, you will learn how the hospitality industry works and how you can drive business and operational performance. The curriculum includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Managerial Accounting, Operational Management, Project & Event management, technology trends and integration, leadership techniques with deep and wide arena of hospitality practices, skill, and industry exposures.

As this course shares its academic DNA with industry trends and prepares students for industry-ready.

Career Opportunities

The way around your future is very brighter and wider because of the knowledge, skill, technique, and professionalism you learned through the 4 years of a hospitality graduation program in GATE college and with the guidance of EHL as you are a confident student of EHL certified school.

The career perspective of the graduate are as following but not just limited to:

* Entrepreneur
* Bar and Restaurant Manager
* International Hotel Manager
* Hotel Accountant and Administrator
* Hotel Technology Manager
• Public Relations Manager
• Guest Relations Manager
• Front Office Manager
• Banquet Manager
• Sales and Marketing Manager
• Senior Manager
• Restaurant Supervisor
• Chef


‘Graduate attributes are the qualities, skills and understandings a university community agrees its students should develop during their time with the institution. These attributes include but go beyond the disciplinary expertise or technical knowledge that has traditionally formed the core of most university courses. They are qualities that also prepare graduates as agents of social good in an unknown future.’

Do To Learn
We Lead

We have adopted the learn To lead strategy

In GATE, We teach our students to learn and work on the forefront to solve the real world’s problems. We not just spoon feed them but provide abundant opportunities to explore and flourish their talent through various curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our Location is the first-class venue for cultural, innovative and development program. Our student can learn state of arts facilities.

International Student Circle

GATE has been continuously educating many international students from its inception. It is global hub in GATE College as Nepal is fascinating destination for growing tourism, greeneries, peace and pleasant.

Our student circle composed of the mixed culture, vibrant and multinational people. Our guest visit, Lecturers, Visitors share, Exchange program and international functions in college and outside helps our student to engage and experience world in GATE.

We are bridge to the Academia and the Industry

Our evaluation system are based upon your performance. Our student are prepared for the industry. Our College exactly follow the industry trends.

Industry leaders born here

GATE as the first member school of the EHL Certified schools Network in Nepal to run the most outstanding and widely accredited 4 years Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management (BIHM) program, GATE is always committed and streamlined in its quality to develop industry leader by enhancing and enriching student’s capacity through world class, innovative and technology integrated learning and pioneering.


Master Degree in Hotel/Tourism/Hospitality education
Master Degree in Business (i.e. MBA, MBS, MA-Eco etc)
Master Degree in Food Journalism
Master Degree in Nutrition/Food Preparation/Hygiene
Master in Event Management/Entrepreneurship
Other relevant post graduate degrees in Nepal and abroad


Qs: What is the duration of the course ?

Ans : The Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management (Hon.) is 4 years’ program.

Qs: Do this course recognized by TU Nepal and other foreign universities ?

Ans : Yes, this course is equivalent to BHM of TU, Nepal, and by other international universities

Qs: Do I need to do any internship ?

Ans : Yes, student will do their 1 (One) Year of National and International Level of Internship.

Qs: How can i find employer for internship ?

Ans: No, Worries. Our officers in Career Development Center will prepare you for the job and your arrangements.

Qs: What is the career scope of this Bachelors’ Degree in International Hospitality Management (Hon.) Program ?

Ans: GATE College is the academic Partner of Global Hospitality industry leader “IHG” group, GATE Guarantee the quality and professionalism of it’s graduates. EHL Hospitality education is the first in the world to provide a hospitality degree and it is of course a widely valued and most preferred graduate course in the world.

Contact GATE College or write at : bihmprogram@gate.edu.np