Diploma in Culinary Arts

The most famous and preferred professional cooking course

The Culinary Arts in GATE is designed for those students who want to pursue an exciting career in cooking and food preparation industries. This unique skills-driven program takes you through key stages of classical and international cuisine, grade manager, meat preparation, patisserie, and bakery. This course also develops your professionalism and proficiency in producing food of world-class standards.

Culinary arts is best suited program for developing highly demanding skill set in short period of the time. GATE provides intensive course, guidelines along with Lobster-Ink and GATE Power-learning environment on the internet and the world-class kitchen of GATE.

Lot’s of inspiring young who wants to develop their career in Food production in Nepal and world wide have chosen GATE College and are satisfied with their outstanding career.


This is one of the great professional cooking course with lots of potential for developing and enhancing your culinary skill. Trainee will learn for our experiences chefs in the area of cooking diverse range of foods including Nepalese, Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisine. Student will provided the intensive training, job knowledge, cutting skills, food safety and hygiene knowledge and practice. 

Lot’s of hospitality student form BHM, MHM or other hospitality stream having keen interest to become a successful chef join this course to dive themselves in this profession.  


Course Duration

1430 Hours  (6 months at GATE)

1018 Hours Certificate in Culinary Arts (3 months at GATE)