Grooming Dos and Don’ts

  • It’s all about a positive attitude. When you feel good, you look good, and your guests will pick up on your enthusiasm.
  • Find out as early as your first interview what the ideal grooming standards of the establishment are and make sure you can meet them.
  • Avoid multiple body piercings, tattoos, multi-colored hair, and long fingernails. They might be part of your lifestyle, but very few people in high positions sport them. Your appearance, as Nedry emphasizes, must appeal to everyone.
  • If you smoke, don’t forget to cover your tracks. Smoking lingers not only on the breath but also on your clothes. In the restaurant and hospitality industry, your guests are sure to smell stale cigarettes on you.
  • Avoid overusing perfumes and colognes. It’s easy to think that more is better when a hint of scent or none at all is a safer bet if you’re working closely with guests, especially in front-line sectors.
  • Take note of the other aspects of your personal hygiene, such as body odor. Keep your hair under control. 
  • Do periodic personal grooming checks to ensure your grooming is still meeting the standards of your job. For front desk clerks and servers, for instance, it’s paramount to wear clean and well-pressed uniforms or attire at all times. Your customers will question other service standards, if you appear rumpled and not quite clean.
  • Don’t complain. If you haven’t been noticed or promoted, complaining will reinforce negative opinions of you.
  • Avoid gossip. Gaining information is key, but not through gossip, which can be damaging to your career.
  • It’s NOT personal. Even if you’re feeling frustrated in your job, making your frustrations public could poison the work environment and your opportunities for advancement.

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