Hotel Reputation Management

When traveling to new destinations we rely on the internet to inform us about where to stay, what to do, and how to get there. While searching online for accommodation, your online reputation will often be the deciding factor as to whether to choose your property or not. So, a good hotel online reputation means that you will increase your rankings, get more bookings, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Tips to improve online hotel reputation

Have a Clear Hotel Reputation Management Strategy

  • Set Clear KPIs: set clear goals for the staff in charge of your online reputation, so everyone knows what they’re working towards and by when they should reach those goals. But be realistic! Unrealistic goals will have the opposite effect and will demotivate your team.
  • Regular Reporting: this will help to keep your team’s focus sharp, as well as give you time to step in when you see your current strategy isn’t working and adjust where needed.
  • Set Alerts: have the relevant people alerted when reviews come in and ensure no review goes unnoticed. This way everyone can take the necessary next steps: your guest relations team can respond to them, and your hotel staff can take notes of improvement in case it is negative feedback.

Show what you do best

Feedback doesn’t only help you to know what you don’t do well; it also helps you understand where you excel. These things can be extra highlighted on your website and in your marketing campaigns. For example, publish some of your best guest reviews on your website, especially highlighting current trends like cleanliness, hygiene, or technology.

Respond to Reviews

Another way to improve your hotel’s online reputation is by responding to online reviews. It shows you’re looking at your guests’ feedback and that you’re committed to guest satisfaction. Guest reviews are not a one-way flow of information, but also offer an opportunity for hotels to share information with future guests about their property. For example, if anyone mentions something about good food, in your response you can highlight some nice features of your restaurants.

Especially now with COVID-19 still lingering, future travelers will be looking for confirmation on how matters like hygiene and social distancing are handled. Use review responses as a platform to highlight the measures you have taken to keep your guests safe.

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