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International Testimonials

  • I, Mohammad Tariq Sherzad from Kabul Afghanistan, studying at the GATE. I had options for three different countries (Thailand, India and Nepal), and we came to Nepal as we found it interesting in terms of culture and rich in natural sources. Because of war and fear, we could not study in Kabul, Afghanistan therefore; we chose to study in the Hospitality Industry, as there is no hospitality industry in Kabul, Afghanistan like GATE college without any fear of terrorist attacks. We all were in thirst for peace. We found a peaceful and friendly environment in Nepal. GATE College has helped utilize the best of our time and know that we can achieve our objectives of our goals from GATE College. In order to promote the Hospitality industry in Afghanistan, this is a great platform to learn. We experienced cultural differences in Nepal, we saw natural resources that were amazing and people are quite good with us, everyone is very friendly.

    Mohammad Tariq
    International Student from, Afghanistan, 19th Batch
  • Nepal is a beautiful country and I am having great experience at GATE College as I have found everyone friendly and cooperative. I have been a part of the GATE family in 2.5 years now and my experience has been very good so far. I feel like I am in the right place, with the right kind of people. I am from section Basel, 17th batch and I feel like I am a part of a huge family where everyone helps, cares and motivates to perform their best.

    Raquel Maria Lorenzana Hesdorf
    International Student from Denmark, 17th Batch
  • I am a 20 year old girl from two different worlds. My mother was born and raised in Switzerland and my father came from the hills of Darjeeling. I grew up in the chaotic city, Kathmandu with all its dust, noise and glorious charm. I always felt that I was different. In all the different schools I went to I never really fit in anywhere. I was always an outsider amongst my peers. We never had the same interests nor the same ideas about the future. I was always an avid reader, I loved helping people and getting to know what makes them happy and how I could help. Once I joined GATE college, it was as if someone opened a new book for me to devour. I found others who were as interested in others as I was. I found a career where I could meet new and interesting people and work with them. This college opened doors and gave me an opportunity to do something of value to me. It allowed me to use the skills I already possessed and refine them into gifts that would put the world in my hands. GATE made me grow as a person and made me into who I am today.

    Kim Parina Thakuri
    21st Batch