Internship And Training

CDC works right from the first semester, each student’s performance is evaluated on the basis of academics, classroom activities, Outdoor Caterings and overall attitude and behaviour. CDC shapes the students to prepare them to face interviews with the industry and prepare their curriculum vitae. To ensure that students build up their potential to face the real world, the students compete and are selected by the industry. CDC helps students find the right place for them, but the students must go through a separate selection process with the industry partners. 

The first phase of the selection process after CDC evaluates students based on their performance criterias, their CVs are sent to the hotel partners for selection. Our partners then select students for an interview, which CDC arranges for the students. Once students have been selcted CDC helps them through their visa process and booking flights. Before the students leave, CDC ensures they receive a proper orientation and stays in constant communication with students while at their placements. CDC serves as a bridge between the hotel partners and students, to ensure both meet their needs. 

CDC communicates to students and Alumni via their official Facebook page and also via email. All job opportunities are communicated to the students through these  channels. 

Pre-placement training 

CDC helds proper mock interviews with each student to prepare them for their interview process. They provide to them all important and essential information that will help students build their skills and pass their selection process. 

During placement 

CDC ensures that all students are doing well in their training and meeting the industry expectations. Evaluations are given out to the industry partners for them to evaluate our students based on their performance while at training. CDC also counsels students throughout their training period and assists in any way possible. 

Post placement 

Post placement CDC sits with each individual student to discuss their experience at the training. CDC then assigns the students a coursework or assessment task to ensure students translate their experience into a presentation or a report. CDC takes from these student experiences as a learning experience to ensure the placements provided at GATE are benefitting students as well as our hotel partners. 

Industry Partners 

Gate partners with a wide range of industry partners all around the world, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Mauritius, Maldives, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, China, to name a few. All our industry partners are pioneers of the hospitality industry who ensure our students benefit with the best learning through practical experience.

GATE also takes this opportunity to thank all the organizations and individuals who have continuously supported the college in various ways. Our students have gained invaluable exposure because of the opportunities provided by them.

Internship Experience

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the GATE family. Brewing skilled and experienced hospitality professionals have always been the ultimate aim of GATE college. Professors here, at GATE, sculpt you in such a way that you could be future-ready for any sorts of challenges. Hospitality, in itself, is wide-ranging. Experiencing a new culture has always been in my interest. It is one of the best things human beings can do. I was delighted to get an internship in the world’s most luxurious resort overlooking the Aegean sea with spacious green landscapes and coastal view NIKKI BEACH RESORT AND SPA.

It was overwhelming at the beginning. However, with time all these challenges and obstacles helped me to overcome my fear and discover my potentiality. Quality education and proper training from GATE helped me become one of their valuable interns. Despite so many barriers I could show them my extraordinary performance.

These 5 months have been a turning point of my life and I would like to take this time out to thank GATE College for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.

Pratik Bhattarai, 21st Batch
Nikki Beach Resort and Spa, Turkey

To have the opportunity to go to a desert spa resort and do my internship was the best thing ever. The whole experience was a roller coaster ride if you know what I mean. The internship experience made me a whole lot better person and even more confident in my skills. The skills that I improved on are people skill (guest relation), multitasking and handling work pressure during busy hours. Since working in one of the best desert resorts you meet a lot of people (guests) hence you learn something new everyday, sometimes it may be about their culture, food habits or cuisine , tradition, geography and landscape (country) or about the guest’s hometown. Overall the experience in the desert resort was amazing and outstanding.

For all those looking forward to going for an internship abroad make sure to brush up on your language skills, it goes a long way to help you out, talking through experience and trust me it helps a lot. Cheers”

Prateek Tuladhar, 22nd Batch
Qasr Al Sarab, UAE

I joined Aloft Hotel in Oct 2020 shortly after I returned from Dubai. During my six wonderful months at Aloft I learned different skills and values when training under three operating departments. Looking back to experiences I gained I could not be more thankful to Gate College for constantly providing us with amazing opportunities to grow and experience the hotel industry. What I like most about my journey in Aloft is, it trained me to be patient with people and appreciate the hospitality even more. I feel I can now grasp every opportunity that comes to me and bring my skills to the table. I worked in the midst of pandemic at Aloft and the team there encouraged me to go on even in the worst times. I worked wearing a face shield and mask every day being responsible for me and my guests. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans as uniform at Aloft, I met the coolest manager Dinesh sir, the best team in F&B service and the best teachers among all the chefs. The skills I learned, the friends I made and the confidence I gained at Aloft will be with me forever and I will cherish them. I am thankful to our Gate college and Aloft Kathmandu Thamel for all the good times.

Rubi Pudasaini, 22nd Batch
Aloft Hotel, Thamel, Kathmandu

I would like to thank Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa for arranging such a wonderful environment to help me learn and get exposure to the real industry.I have completed a nine months internship as a trainee in an all day dining Restaurant named Fairways. In that duration, I was successful in gathering a lot of significant learning experiences & challenges that came along with me which would be helpful in my future career. Handling an outlet with more than 100 guests was quite a challenge but without this challenge my journey would not be the same. All the appreciations I got from colleagues and guests kept me striving to be better at my job. During my internship program I learnt how the real hospitality industry works, how hotels survive in competition with each other and also how difficult it is to maintain its brand.

One thing that I have learnt from my internship is, “Being a student is easy. Learning requires actual work.”

Dipeshna Hamal, 22nd Batch
The Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi