Do you believe in the power of the universe? Do you believe you can achieve anything you want? Yes/ No.  If not, you must. 

The power of the universe is just unpredictable. Things that have never happened yesterday can happen tomorrow. Everything we human beings have created in this world was first created in our mind. Good to bad, every action of human behavior has first come to their mind. So it is fundamental that you learn to create good things in your minds. Your thought is what leads your action.  

If you organize your mind to a certain level of organization, it will itself organize the whole system. Your body, your mind, your emotions, and the fundamental life energies, if these four dimensions are organized in one direction and you keep unwavering your focus in that direction for a certain period, you can get anything you want even without lifting your finger. Law of manifestation. 

But what if you get all the things you want? Imagine, if you get everything and everyone you want, could you live with that?   Once you are empowered by this, your dimensions must be controlled and directed properly. If it’s not, you become self-destructive. 

Have you ever asked for something with god, and not got it? I have tons of time. It’s your faith that is not working here. If you ask for something and you doubt it’s happening, the faith will never work for you. You must believe the process. An unsatisfied human will never be able to manifest, also those who limit their thought in the boundary of impossibility. Just be clear on what you want and strive for that. Let nature decide what is possible and what is not.

Ishani Neupane, 24th Batch

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