Mental Health Matters

It is not common to talk about mental health especially for boys, because we want to joke with each other and make it seem like we really are in control. But I want to tell you a secret. It is not always that way. I would like to share with you some of the messages that help me when I am feeling a little tangled inside myself.

Get out of your comfort zone.  It is easy to stay in your room or to do things the same way.  It is easy not to be curious because this way you can stay smart.  Instead of making a joke about a friend, ask him seriously how he is doing.  Yes, you may feel uncomfortable doing this. He will be surprised at first but will appreciate it later.


When things get tough don’t give up. Just say that was a really stupid move I made and remember why you started.  People do forgive mistakes as long as you own them and don’t repeat them.  

Don’t compare yourself to others.  You have no idea about their private life and secret life. All you can compare is did you do a better job today than you did last week.  Work for your own self-mastery rather than being competitive with others.  And if you start comparing yourself to another… meaning you envy something they have… just get to know them and learn from them.

Believe and love yourself.   Some things we learn quite quickly and other things take time. Repetition gets the motor or thinking skills to become natural.   Take yourself seriously but don’t knock yourself down. Climb the steps to your dreams one at a time. 


Life is a journey not a destination. You will be learning all your life.  You are never finished.  There are always new lessons to be learned.  Pay attention to what you don’t know and learn it.  It is a choice and a privilege to learn. 

When we sit alone or want to drink to forget we only make our confusion worse.  We need to pull apart our worries and act on what we know.   So talk to a friend. Talk to me.  I am not perfect but I can understand your worries.  

We only have this one life and each moment we waste is a moment lost.  We need to brush our teeth every morning and look in the mirror and tell ourselves that life is beautiful. Each new day develops ourselves and spreads positivity. 

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