Message from SHA

We are already celebrating the sixth year of GATE joining the SHA Affiliate School network. During my yearly visit, I myself witnessed the positive changes and each time I remained deeply impressed by the progress that GATE has made since then. GATE organizes different kind of events and makes proof of great creativity by realizing movies or producing their own coffee, just to name a few examples. It     is the least to say that GATE’s staff and students experience and live their passion for hospitality which sequentially contributes to the building up of a community and shapes the hotel school’s identity. On the occasion of graduation, Khem Lakai honored me with the inauguration of the new main building, together with His Excellency, Dr. Urs Herren; the Swiss Ambassador to Nepal.


Inbound as well as outbound tourism is gaining importance in Nepal. As a consequence, stable quality service will be required on a large-scale basis which increases the need for skilled personnel. This trend represents a huge opportunity for Nepal’s tourism industry and for young students interested in undertaking a career in the hospitality sector. It will also highlight the role of the hotel management schools and this is where SHA and its network can be conducive. Matching the learning outcomes with the industry’s needs has always been one of our high priorities and all SHA’s schools in Switzerland and abroad follow the Swiss vocational education and training (VET) model which  is  characterized  by the dual system: Educational institutions teach about what the economy needs and the knowledge imparted at school is  then  be  applied  at  work. The workforce quickly acquires practical skills and understanding, thus ensuring productivity and high quality standards.

By implementing the SHA Education Standards, GATE contributes to this need of qualitative  education  and  skilled  graduates  who will be ready to deploy their competences in  the hotel industry. As Khem Lakai himself graduated from the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg, Switzerland, GATE can count on an expert of the Swiss system who understands the importance of the practical-oriented education.


We are proud of our close relationship of trust because we know the quality of the education at GATE is high ranking. GATE students will become worthy ambassadors for the hotel industry and for Switzerland. In this respect, we are looking forward to what the fruits of our partnership will bring in the future.


Dr. Ueli Schneider

(Member of the Management Board at SHA)