Message From GATE

I am very delighted to welcome you at GATE, an award winning, forward-thinking academy that has become an integral part of the world’s most dynamic and largest industry, Tourism & Hospitality. Having achieved world- class recognition at the “Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris – 2011” and also having won the National Award for “Food Safety” awarded by the government of Nepal, I certainly can say that our academy has an abundance of educational wealth to offer.


 GATE – Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education offers a preferred platform to those who aspire to build their career in the global job market. This is aided by our passion for quality, plus an association with the iconic quality hospitality source Switzerland. We are currently affiliated with hotelleriesuisse (Swiss Hotel Association) which was found in 1882 as world’s benchmark to hospitality standards. The educational standards are crafted by University of Zurich and the Bachelors level equivalency is granted by “Tribhuwan University” Nepal’s largest and historic National University.


 Nepal’s location between two neighboring economic giants, China and India, certainly lends enormous potential to the country in terms of tourism and hospitality. The industry has always been a leading source of foreign income and a medium to improve the lives of those involved. Considering strong regional growth and a partnership with Swiss hospitality education experts, there is no doubt that GATE will continue its growing leadership role in the Nepal hospitality education.


The hospitality industry requires leaders who are conscious of quality and serve with their heart. These leaders must also be wise and perfectly blend focus, up-to-date knowledge and skills with a down-to-earth attitude. All these qualities ensure a great future in the world’s largest and fastest growing industries.


With the present global industry outlook, it is clear that themarket is still in great need for hospitality professionals, hence promising a variety of global opportunities for successful graduates. However, to become successful in this industry, one needs to develop uncompromising quality, a high level of professionalism, respect for others and certainly the need to be disciplined, committed and passionate about what they do in order to pave the way towards a dream career. GATE is committed to nurturing these values and supplementing relevant learning by providing access to International faculty and guest lecturers.


I take immense pleasure in congratulating all our students for choosing the world’s most fascinating industry and selecting GATE to unleash their hidden potential.


Khem R. Lakai, CHE

Founder / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)