What is your passion?

I am very passionate about sports, mainly football. I enjoy playing football more than watching.  I can play for one and a half hours and during that time I feel stress-free and joyful. In my college days, I played on my college team and I was not so good at my studies but I like playing football.  When I had free time I ran straight to the packed earth that was our playing ground.  I used to think playing football was better than anything else in this world.  I forget all my worries when I play football!

What meaning do you take from playing football? 

Football means a lot to me!  I remember that when I was a child, I played football in the mud.  The playing area would be wet and the dirt slippery and it didn’t matter.  Our clothes were saturated with the wet mud and our faces were patched from our brushes with the wet earth.   And dirt between our toes that was so hard to remove.  My mom would scold me as I did so much extra work for her with laundry.   I even won trophies at the local club so it was some confirmation I had skill. 

When I look at these trophies/certificates I feel proud. I realize the satisfaction and success one can have when they are driven by intrinsic motivation. What I mean by that is when I get more motivated in football to progress more.

Your love for football seems so central to who you are. Where did this love come from?

My love for football is so natural because I think I have played more with football than with toys in my childhood(4-9 age).  I wasn’t interested in video games or indoor games and I only wanted to be running, playing with the team, and trying to Score.  I have been intrinsically motivated to play physical and outdoor games since my childhood.

What did you love about Football? 

It gives me joy and I feel less stress.   I think it is important to do what you love to do because you learn that consistent practices make you get better.  Sometimes not right away but over time you begin to find success.  Also when you are doing what you love, the hours fly by and you learn without knowing your learning.   So I think in the hospitality industry you need to find the part of the job you just love to do then you will be on time for your job and you will show interest in learning and in this way this intrinsic motivation can help you manage all situations you are in.  

Robin KC, 27th Batch

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