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Am I the only one with over thinking habit? I used to go through this thought again and again, that life is cruel, it’s unfair. Rich people are getting richer every day, poor are suffering more every day, people judge people for no valid reason, animal cruelty is growing every day, nature is being destroyed every day, people value people less every day, our hunger for money is growing every day and thinking about all this, I die every day.

A few months ago, I watched a video where some potters were crying on the street in front of the media because they got kicked out of their home and had no money to pay for rent as they were not being called for any job and here, just look at me, I keep complaining to my parents about how I don’t like the structure of my house and that is why I don’t want to live there. I used to think money is what has made our life so unfair. But is it true? Is money happiness? Does it really give meaning to our life? Being a human being, I will never be satisfied. It’s my nature. I pray for more, I learn for more, I work for more, I compromise for more, and one day I will die for more. You know what? People like me are victims of our own mindset. We never appreciate things we have.

Nevertheless, almost 63% of people in this world lie in my category. So YES, we are the people with a sick mindset. Oops, that’s a heavy line. But have you ever watched those people in street, begging, struggling, and working so hard, just to fulfill their very basic needs? They don’t want more like us, their day starts for food and night ends with food. Even I see those beggars returning back to their home happily after a long day shift. So, it can’t be money that makes them happy right? So, what is it, if it’s not money that makes our life meaningful? Just yesterday, someone told me something that yeah money is almost everything but it’s not everything. Money can buy you every product but not a pleasure to your mind. It’s your state of mind that makes you happy. Your life becomes meaningful when you think and believe that it has some meaning. Your point of view is what leads you towards the path of success. Even a poor person with a strong optimist mentality can achieve a lot and, in another hand, a rich person with a sick, pessimist mentality can lose everything he has.

Do you remember how people in Italy once threw all their money on the street because the money couldn’t save their beloveds’ life from the COVID pandemic? Getting me? So, it’s not always money, right? Why do we sell our ethics and values for money? Why can’t we see anything besides money? Why do we compare our ability with money? Why can’t we let nature alive for money? And most importantly why do we search for our happiness in money? Can’t we be happy without money? The disaster of questions has hit my mind every day. But the fact that I come up with is: life is nothing but a journey. Happiness costs nothing more than an effort. Time is valuable, enjoy it. Each of our life matters so let us all live. We were born with nothing and will take nothing so share your things. Virtual World is not a life; social media has filled our heads with shits and trust me helping the needy is what humanity has always pleased.

Ishani Neupane is a student of GATE College 25th batch.

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  1. Ujjwol Joshi

    Nicely written. We are all so occupied with social media and technology that we have forgotten the value of expressing our emotions with our loved ones.

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