To tell you a secret, I’ve been hiding my love of dancing, but with Deborah ma’am giving me this opportunity to write, this is my first chance to share with you. 

I love talking about how I feel when I dance.  Although shy at first to dance in front of others, when the music starts, my shyness disappears! Actually, when I hear the music playing, I can’t stop myself from dancing, even in front of others. 

When I was 5 years old, my dancing journey started with my family. I would dance whenever music was playing. At that age, it was seldom done properly and even I’d sometimes fall because of my size and balance. But persistence paid off.

In today’s generation, there are so many talented people who can actually move their bodies like professional dancers.  I watch them, thinking if they can do that, why can’t I?  It just takes time and practice to develop the needed strength and agility. 

Dancing from my heart makes me feel like one of the happiest people in the whole world. I even dream that I can dance for the world. I can express and share my feelings, sadness, frustration, joy, or just excitement. So I remind myself every day not to give up a dance that I love.

If you’re passionate about something, pursue it and do it with your full heart, especially in college, sharing your talent with others. Our passions teach us pleasure and how through pleasure and desire we become more skilled.  Just never stop what you love to do. Don’t be shy. But scream it from the rooftops!

Rojina Karki, 27th Batch

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