Self-Realization of having a Positive Mindset amidst the Covid-19

1. What do you see?

Nepal has been facing a pandemic crisis after COVID–19’s second wave. Lockdown has been imposed throughout the country from the 29th of April. I have been following the COVID–19 safety protocols and regulations set by the Nepalese government. Life has been absurd since the implementation of lockdown and these four walls have been my workplace, my study room, my sleeping room, and my everything. The only place I go outside of my four walls is for food and refreshment. The roof has been my favorite place. I can feel the cold wind passing through me as I look upon the beautiful green scenery from my roof. I can see the birds flying from their nests making soothing noises. The sun can be seen rising creating a mesmerizing orange tinge to the sky. I also see messy rooms which I must clean. My mother has planted numerous lovely flowers which motivates me and lures me with its beauty. But spending time and playing with children with their cute and giggling smiles is what I adored the most.

I see my mother laying and roaming around the house. I ask her what does she see? She replied that she sees household work, her little daughter dancing, and her flowers blooming gloriously. But her reply was worrisome so I further questioned her asking if she was troubled. She was worried about the pandemic and how it negatively affects so many lives.

2. What action did you take?

During this lockdown, life has been quite repetitious (class, assignments, looking at my phone, playing games, reading books, etc.). Lack of excitement is disheartening to an extrovert such as myself. My surrounding affected me greatly. So when I saw something that’s discomforting or immoral it concerned me greatly, even my physical environment. I feel I can think of greater things surrounded by cleanliness and beauty. I can’t be a blind person when I see the dust around me, which influences my well-being and affects imaginative thinking. A clean environment makes the brain new and positive.  A clean and organized house with flowering plants energizes me with the fragrance of their blooms.

I lower the burden of my mother by sharing the household work. I convinced my mother that everything will be all right with the hopes the pandemic will not last long and encouraged her to help fight the pandemic by following the safety precautions and helping each other.

3. What does it feel like inside when you take action?

I feel like I have done something that changes things and makes an impact. Though the impact I make was small, as the proverb says, “droplets make an ocean”. I hope it does help for spreading positivity. When I take action, I feel very grateful that I can learn the more important things in life and able to explore my feelings with these actions. It motivates me knowing if I can make a positive influence upon people so I will continue to take action for the good.

I feel grateful having the time to spend with my family seeing the way they care for us all and providing plenty of love.  My mother has taught me many things, like how to love unconditionally and respecting others.

Even though I was pretty sure about where I wanted to reach, my approach was pretty random as if I was a photon right out of the sun’s surface.  After Deborah’s arrival as my tutor, her teaching about listening skills, seeing, and much more has changed my life.  Deborah ma’am solidified my movements through its indispensable environment with articulated teamwork, insights and networking. The skills I acquired through Deborah ma’am was invaluable help to better understand people and their way of communicating to build greater teamwork. I hope I can now better understand people, to be more helpful to them, and make a more positive impact upon society.

Neeta Pradhan, 27th Batch

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