For those of you who are not familiar with the term sexism, the word basically means prejudice, injustices and discrimination against an individual or a group of individuals based on their sex. It is a belief that one sex is always superior that the other. It’s a no brainer that women have always been oppressed because of their sex. There has always been systematic sexism in our male driven, also known as a patriarchal society.

“It’s hard for women to gain agency over their body and take control of their lives.

Society fails to acknowledge gender inequality or gender disparity. In this predominantly male driven society, women are supposed to take care of everything when it comes to family and house. Women are supposed to clean, cook and constantly contribute to men who are perfectly capable of doing things for themselves. Women aren’t allowed to dress however they want without people constantly moral policing them. Women aren’t allowed to travel wherever they want. Women aren’t allowed to dream big or pursue their career because they’re required to be confined between four walls. Obviously times have changed but these ideologies are still prevalent in many parts of the world. It’s hard for women to gain agency over their body and take control of their lives.

When a woman dates multiple men, she’s a tramp

The funny thing is there’s different vocabulary for men and women in our world. When men talk more, they’re bold and confident. But when women talk more, they’re opinionated.  Men are allowed to be leaders. Women are only allowed to be bossy and over-confident. When a man dates multiple women, he’s a stud. When a woman dates multiple men, she’s a tramp. When a man posts a shirtless picture, he’s hot. When a woman posts a picture in a bikini, she’s ill-mannered. Holding this ideology further perpetuates sexism and also gives birth to misogyny whenever women try to speak up against such disparity. Their experience is invalidated and they are silenced. This gives birth to brutality against women like gender based violence. Holding the idea of misogyny affects how one sees a woman.

Article on Sexism by a Student
Abhishek Rimal who has a sweet and pleasing personality is a student from 26th Batch

The concept of feminism should be taught to young kids to engrain all the values regarding equality. School curriculums should try to include these ideologies in their course material. Many confuse pseudo-feminism with feminism and it’s infuriating. Feminism doesn’t fight for women who are trying to get ahead of men. In simple terms, it means gender equality. Let’s educate ourselves to eradicate this narrative and make the world a better place.

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  1. Prapti

    Great piece Abishek, it is good to see young people like you bring out a topic that most of us know about but try to avoid. We should also not forget the injustice men also face due to patriarchy.

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