Career Development Center

Introduction to CDC

The career development center at GATE helps develop the career prospects of the students. Here at GATE we realize that our responsibilities are not limited to just sending students on internships, which is a part of their compulsory academic requirement, but also to shape their career path. 

With this in mind, the career development center’s goal is to guide fresh graduates as well as alumni with new graduate internships and job placements.  

Career development focuses on developing the career potentiality of students by evaluating, monitoring and analyzing each student’s performance and providing training to further improve their capabilities. 


Vision Statement

Educate students and alumni on essential job searching and life skills to propel them to succeed in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Career Development Center (CDC) is to guide students through the process of educational, career and personal discovery in preparing them for success in the global workforce.


The purpose of the Career Development Center (CDC) is to empower students and alumni to take personal responsibility for their lifelong career development. The overall goal is to challenge every student to examine their values, interest, skills and abilities

CDC Team

The department consists of two individuals currently. CDC works directly under the CEO and is constantly monitored by the CEO’s office.

Career Development C

Parth Sarathi Bhattarai

Head of Career Development Centre

Prapti Pyakuryal

How does CDC help students get internship, graduate internships and jobs?

Right from the 1st semester, each student’s performance are evaluated on the basis of their performance in academics, class room activities, ODCs (Out Door Caterings), practical classes and their overall attitude and behavior for which they are oriented right from the beginning. CDC helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve throughout their 1st and 2nd semester so that by the time of their internship, they are ready to face interviews with good CV in their hands. Opportunities as they come are provided as per merit basis and other opportunities such as graduate internships and job vacancies as they come are communicated via different source of communication to students. If required, students are given special interview facing classes. Once selected, CDC also helps in the processing for Visa and flights. Basically, CDC serves as a bridge between the Hotel partners and students to meet their needs.

Frequent Internship Destinations